Property Investment Services

Avenue Property provides access to property education and information resources, access to financial planning services, successful and proven investment strategies and access to a range of new investment properties that have been carefully selected to ensure they meet our 6 point formula. Our investor program will guide you from start to finish, with information and personal support along the way.

 6 Point Formula for Successful Investing

  • Access to public transport
  • Sound infrastructure
  • Access to schools and education
  • Shopping
  • Recreation areas
  • Access to motorways and highways

At Avenue Property, the very first step we take with all of our clients is to sit down & formulate a specific list of goals that they wish to attain in the future. The best way to set goals is to be realistic and concise and ensure that you have milestone markers in place to indicate when you have reached your objectives. This will ensure you keep your eye firmly on the big picture. Once you have your goals clearly mapped out, we can help you plan exactly how you can reach them within the desired time frame and we'll stay with you every step of the way to keep you on the path to success.